Temena Development is currently too busy with startup and will not be accepting orders for app or website services yet. Those mentioned services are planned to be offered around June 1st, 2015.


Temena Development offers several services for your business: mobile apps for Android, graphics (such as logos), and even websites. With our services, we take our time to make sure we're getting the job done right.

Mobile Apps for Android

Temena Development can make your business a high quality, interactive, and useful application for Android devices. Why do you need a application for your business? Because applications can bring you closer to your customers and provide them with stuff such as help when they need it, live inventory, more info about your business, and allow them to share your business with other people.


Temena Development can provide your business with inexpensive hand made graphics that you can use for logos, on websites or mobile apps, social medias, or for physical items like banners or posters. The graphics can be fine tuned or remade completely if you're not satisfied with the product.


Temena Development can provide your business with an interactive, high quality, easy to use website. Every business needs a website; but not every business knows how to make one. The best way to make a site is by hand or hiring somebody to do it for you because online website editors only offer generic webpages that competitors will have aswell.